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Sunday, 30 March 2014 20:29

There is going to be another CDFW meeting in Eureka April 3, 2014 to review the Klamath River Salmon Fishing Regulations. I did not receive the location or time so you will have to call Wade Sennin at 707-822-5119 to get the location and time of the meeting. If you want input to the suggested regulations I recommend that you be there. There is already controversy about fishing on the Spit of the mouth of the Klamath.  From what I have heard is that CDFW proposes that the bag limit for Fall Chinook be three (3) salmon per day with one adult.

There is also another PFMC meeting in Vancouver Washington, to finalize the amounts of Fall Chinook Salmon to be harvested for Ocean Commercial, Ocean Sport and In-River Sportsfishing. At the same time PFMC will also determine the amount of Tribal share for the Klamath River Basin. This will be based upon the amount of Chinook the PFMC determines will be harvestable. I expect that the numbers are going to be very low for this coming year. I still say that the modeling program needs to be adjusted some to try to be a little more accurate so that the quotas would be a bit better for the real high and real low years.

Remember last week I was talking about lead? Well that would also affect your anchors. This is not just about lead infecting animals or fish but about stopping hunting and fishing. What are we supposed to do with the lead after we remove it? Who is going to take it off your hands? Where are they going to store this lethal stuff? How are the ocean fishers going to replace all of their lead? These are just few of the questions I have thought of and how it will affect you and the environment. Not to think about the armor piercing ability of any new bullets that could injure our police officers.

Fishing News: Well the rains have finally come and they are making the rivers go up and down like a yoyo. I measured almost 5in of rain for the week this past week. For up here that is not a lot of rain but the ground is saturated and cannot hold any more so it has to go into the streams and river. Right now the Trinity is about 4ft to 5ft higher than last week and looks to be out for the next week or so at least on the lower end. I know that the upper part of the Trinity is going to be full of smolt. I didn’t get a chance to check out the rivers this week but I get to see the Trinity in front of my house and my buddy from Orleans lets me know when the river behind his house. Remember that the Trinity is still open to Steelhead fishing and that you can only keep hatchery steelhead. The problem being that we are only seeing native fish. Be sure you use proper techniques to release you fish and don’t just through them back into the river.   

Mid - Klamath: (Weitchpec to Happy Camp/Seiad Valley) the river at Orleans is about twice the volume as it was last week and came up about 2ft. It will possibly be fishable in about 10 days. So you are going to have to keep an eye out for the weather.

Trinity River Hatchery Count (TRH); the hatchery is closed now and I did not get the final count as to how many steelhead were received and spawned so I guess the last numbers I published could be the numbers. 

Trinity Lake: Trinity Lake is 84.25ft. (1.75ft. decrease) below the overflow and 52.8 % of capacity (0.2% increase) at 2:00 p.m. today. Inflow to the lake was 4,209cfs and Trinity Dam releases are 1,088cfs to Lewiston Lake with 758cfs going to Whiskeytown Lake and then on to the Sacramento River at Keswick.

Trinity River Flows and Conditions: Lewiston Dam releases are 297cfs, water temps 52.8, air is 53 degrees. Limekiln Gulch is 4.9ft at 420cfs; Douglas City is 6.4ft at 573cfs, water temps of 52.5 and air is 53.  Junction City is 2.3ft at 752cfs.  Helena is 10.3.ft at 1,070cfs with water temps of 48. Cedar Flat is 6.5ft at 2,580cfs. Willow Creek is estimated at 5,750cfs, air is 54, and water 50.  Hoopa is 18.3ft at 9,670cfs, water temps 49. Mouth of the Trinity at the Klamath is 24K cfs.

Klamath: Iron Gate Dam releases are 1,510cfs. Seiad Valley is 4.5ft at 3,350cfs. Happy Camp estimated at 4,255cfs. Somes Bar is estimated at 11K cfs. Orleans is 9.7ft at 14.4 cfs. Klamath at 101 is 17.1ft at 37K cfs and water temps of 49.4 degrees. Smith River is 13ft at 13.4K cfs. All rivers are on the rise and unfishable at this time.

The temperatures in the Valley last week were 72/39 degrees with 4.95 inches of rain and no snow, total rain to date 32.3 inches of rain and 2.5in of snow for the season. We are still behind in rain fall for this season but starting to catch up slowly. One has to keep an eye on the weather before heading up here to fish.  Temperatures the Valley next week are expected to be 70/35 degrees with some rain & scattered showers. Mon, cloudy with rain; Tue mostly cloudy; Wed, mostly sunny; Thu-Fri-Sat, scattered showers; Sun, a.m. cloudy p.m. sun; Mon, mostly sunny.

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