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Monday, 29 September 2014 13:52

The Emergency Release of water from Trinity Lake has made a change in the Ich problem and started more fish coming into the Trinity River. What with the warm water and low flows Trinity fishing over all was getting very slow with a lot of dark salmon. Now we are seeing many fresh salmon and steelhead. Just this past week the area had some rain. In some areas we had over 3 inches of rain and I am seeing moist ground in my yard right now. This is a good sign in that the ground is holding the moisture and water flows in the creeks and streams are flowing again as many were almost dry. As for the river I am seeing flows more towards normal than I have seen all summer long. Fishing is more like fall fishing should be. Because of the higher water flows many guides were off the water but now that the flows have dropped more guides are back to fishing for salmon and steelhead. For some reason I am seeing more adult summer run Iron Heads than in past years.

Something of interest to fishermen that I read and you might want to know about. On Sept 12th “the state imposed greater regulations on fishing gear and equipment contending that weights and sinkers pose a significant hazard to habitats and animals.” (Note: by Marco Mlikotin WON) This article also stated that lead, zinc and copper could be outlawed. This could cause a burden to all fishing if it were to go through. We might want to attend or email the Calif. Fish & Game commission at their Oct 8th meeting at Mt Shasta. All you have to do is look into your tackle box and see how much of lead, zinc & copper you really have in there. You might be very surprised at what you find. You might recall that a few articals ago I warned you that there was a movement afoot to remove lead from fishing. I just didn’t think it was this serious and that it would go this far. “Sort fishing needs a unified voice” by Marco Mlikotino (WON Sept. 19 Sound Off)  I kind of suspected this to come down the pike after the hunters lost their battle against lead ammo. We had better speak up or you are going to see some very heavy restrictions come down on fishing. Remember the Ocean Sports Fishers with all of the new areas along the coast removed from fishing?

Trinity River Hatchery (TRH): as of Sept. 23, 2014, Chinook salmon adults 757, jacks 104 for a total of 1,642, 2013 - 6,429; Coho – adults 0,jacks - 1 total 1, 2013 – 6,631; steelhead – 23, total 35, 2013 - 2,392.

Junction City Weir Count: Sep. 23 (5 days of trapping & closed); Spring Chinook, adults 0, season total 1,018; 2013-total 833; Coho 0, total 0; 2013 -1; steelhead 0, total 33, 2013- total 84; Brown Trout, adults 0, total 151, 2013 total 188.

Willow Creek Weir: Week ending Sept. 23, 2014, adult Chinook salmon 0 – , jacks – 0, total 312, 2013 – 823; Coho – adults –13, jacks-25, total 38, 2013 – 571; steelhead adults – 147, ½ lbs – 14 total 231, 2013 – 2,145.

Lower Klamath Creel Count: Week ending Sep. 16, Below Hwy 101, Chinook Harvested 1,394, total 531, Released 208, total 548: Steelhead Harvested 0, total 19, Released 149, total 552: Above Hwy 101, Chinook Harvested 557, total 1,529; Chinook Released 289, total 4746; Steelhead Harvested adults 14, total 93, Released adults  34, total 277, ½-lbs 15                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      , total 2,509.

Iron Gate Hatchery: Chinook salmon weekending Sept. 23, Chinook -2,010, total 2,419, Coho 0,  2013 – Coho 134;
Fishing: Fishing has really turned hot. Up at Del Loma the first part of the week fishing was really tough due to the high water flows. Since the flows went back to normal most fishers in camp were catching their salmon in the morning and having a cold one in the afternoon. Just about anyone who fished the weekend in that area were catching their limit of salmon. The good part comes when you can also catch a nice adult Iron Head along with your salmon. The word is that when “Internet Jack” says the fishing sucks you had better get down to the river quick because you are sure to catch your limit. Up Junction City way more and more fresh fish are moving into the area. Down Willow Creek way I am seeing lots of fish go by but very little fishing pressure up until yesterday and then the guides started to showing up and limits were being caught. Some of the steelies I have seen are very nice adults in the 5 to 8lbs range. Fishing is getting back to being very good on the Trinity.

Mid-Klamath: The Klamath above the Weitchpec Bridge is still producing good salmon fishing but more and more fishermen are starting to show up and you have to get up early to get your spot. The good part is that you can only keep 1 adult salmon and you are done so the next fisher can take your place. Most of the steelhead are native so it is a catch and release for steelies in that area. Most of the Hatchery fish make a right turn below the bridge at Weitchpec and go up the Trinity. Remember when releasing your fish to hold them facing upstream and gently move them back and forth until they swim out of your hands.

Trinity Lake: The Lake is 166ft. (a change of 5ft.) below the over flow and 25 of capacity (2% decrease) at 121:00pam today. Inflow to the lake is 1,0865cfs and the Trinity Dam is releasing 941cfs to Lewiston Lake with 468cfs going on to Whiskytown Lake and then to the Sacramento River through Keswick Power plant.   

Trinity River Flows and Conditions: Lewiston Dam releases are 473cfs, water temps are 54.6 and air is 63 degrees. Limekiln Gulch is 5ft at 470cfs, water temps are 54.1 and air is 64; Douglas City is 6.3ft at 521cfs, water temps of 55.1 and air is 64.  Junction City is 3ft at N/A cfs.  Helena is 8.9ft at 520cfs with water temps of 57.8. Cedar Flat is 3ft at 622cfs. Willow Creek is estimated at 673cfs, air is 70, and water 65.  Hoopa is 11.6ft at 705cfs, water temps 67.8. Flows at the mouth of the Trinity at the Klamath are 2,269cfs and water temps are 64.4. At Weitchpec Bridge water temps are 66.4 and water temps at Tully Creek (below Trinity) on the Klamath are 65.8 degrees.  

Klamath: Iron Gate Dam releases are 996cfs. Seiad Valley is 2.2ft at 1,240cfs. Happy Camp estimated at 1,273cfs. Somes Bar is estimated at 1,319cfs. Orleans is 2.7ft at 1,500cfs. Klamath at Terwer Creek is 8.3ft at 2,750cfs and water temps of 67 degrees. Smith River is 4.9ft at 304cfs.

Temperatures in the Valley last week were 84/55 degrees with 3.3 inches of rain with a seasonal total 39.85inches of rain and 2.5in of snow. Temperatures in the Valley next week are expected to be 86/46 degrees. Mon, mostly sunny; Tue, partly cloudy; Wed- Thu- Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon-Tue, sunny with little possibility of showers.

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