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Monday, 13 October 2014 20:45

I have a great idea, “Let’s all go fishing”, but first we have to throw our tackle boxes into the trash can. This would be the idea of DTSC (Calif. Dept. of Toxic Substance Control) had their new proposed rule passed! You say “Whaat!” How can anyone go fishing without a tackle box? The DTSC wants to ban all fishing gear that contains any lead, copper or zinc. I say look into your tackle box and try to determine just how much of your fishing tackle contains any of those materials. You will be surprised because it would leave you with very little fishing gear to fish with. The DTSC wants to place fishing gear in its Product Plan because it contains chemicals and substances that a clear and present danger to you and me and civilization.  This determination was concluded without any scientific studies or investigations. It was someone’s idea about the possibilities. First the anti-hunters took away lead bullets from the hunters and now they want to take away our fishing tackle. It is really true when they say “divide and conquer”. This is just one of the latest moves by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). To me this looks like ALL sportsmen are going to have to stand together and fight these people and issues because they intend to save all the animals from us terrible humans. If you have doubts check out what HSUS is trying to do about bear hunting in Maine.

On Oct. 10th I received an email from CDFW that On Oct. 9th at sundown CDFW projects that the Klamath River anglers will have met their Upper Klamath River catch quota of 702 fall-run Chinook salmon above the Highway 96 Bridge in Weitchpec. The original projected date of Oct 1st was the date that the Upper Klamath and Trinity Rivers, by CDFW, was the date that they would reach their quotas but due to the emergency releases from Iron Gate Dam to help relieve the Ich problem in the Upper Klamath River it was determined to go until Oct. 18th. It now looks like that date was moved back to an earlier date in Oct. Just to be sure you can call Sara Borok CDFW 707-822-0330 or Andrew Hughan CDFW 916-322-8944. This only means that you cannot retain any adult Chinook salmon over 24 inches but you can keep 3 jacks per day with 9 jacks in possession. It appears that the Ich problem in the Trinity River was reduced by the cold water releases from Trinity Lake but the releases from Iron Gate on the were needed to help to help the Upper Klamath thus the reason for extending the estimated closure date. I still say there is a need for a better and more accurate way of counting the harvest and estimated return of fall-run Chinook salmon.   
Trinity River Hatchery (TRH): as of Sept.30, 2014, Chinook salmon adults-1,560, jacks- 93, season total – 3,295, 2013 - 6,429; Coho – jacks 2, adults- 2 season total 4, 2013 – 6,631; steelhead – 65, season total 100, 2013 - 2,392.

Junction City Weir counts: have ended and the weir Removed.

Willow Creek weir Counts: week ending Oct. 7, 2014, Chinook salmon jacks - 30, adults – 248 season total – 698, 2013 - 823; Coho jacks – 95, adults – 246, season total -675, 2013 - 571; steelhead 1/2lbs – 11, adults – 1111 season total – 636 , 2013 – 2,145.    

Lower Klamath Creel count: harvest counts have ended on the Lower Klamath.

Iron Gate Hatchery: Chinook salmon week ending Sept. 23, Chinook -2,010, total 2,419, Coho 0, 2013 – Coho 134;

Fishing: Fishing has slowed and down this past week on the Trinity possibly due to the low clear water and full moon. There have been plenty of fish in the Trinity but just not a lot of catching going on as you can see by the weir count. The Willow Creek areas has not had very much fishing pressure so there are not a lot of reports coming in. I did talk to a local and he said he has been fly fishing the Kimtu to Big Rock area in the early mornings and late afternoons with some good results for trout and ½-poounders with a small adult now and then. Up at Del Loma the steelhead fishing has slowed down some but the salmon fishing has been good. Patrick said that he has been picking up about 30lbs of fish guts every night from his fish cleaning stations in the park so that means  the campers have been catching fish in that area. The Junction City area has some good adults arriving and the fishing should do nothing but get better in the next week or so. Over all I would say we should start to see more fish coming in after this weeks’ storm passes. We are suppose to have rain starting Tuesday night and showers most of the week. That should bring in more steelhead if nothing else.

Mid-Klamath: The Klamath above the Weitchpec Bridge supposedly reached their quotas of adult fall Chinook salmon last Thursday at sundown according to CDFW. Kenny Peugh said he was fly fishing below Orleans Wednesday with some friends and they were hooking a lot of ½-pounders. Thursday and Friday they were fishing with good results and they were able to land several nice steelies while fishing for salmon. Tommy Willson of Spey Gee Resort said he was out during the middle of the week fishing the mouth of the trinity and they were able to hook about 60 fish on the Lower Trinity and the Klamath. There as a good mix of steelhead ½-pounnders and some adults with some salmon mixed in. Fishing is picking up and I would expect that it will get a lot better after the next storm comes through.

Trinity Lake: The Lake is 171ft. (a change of 3ft.) below the overflow and 24.9% of capacity (0.6% decrease) at 10:00am today. Inflow to the Lake is 1,292cfs and the Trinity Dam is releasing 1,272cfs to Lewiston Lake with 837cfs going to Whisytown Lake and on to the Sacramento River through Keswick Power Plant.

Trinity River Flows and Conditions: Lewiston Dam releases are 435cfs, water temps are 50.1 and air is 54 degrees. Limekiln Gulch is 4.9ft at 436cfs, water temps are 49.8 and air is 44; Douglas City is 6.1ft at 439cfs, water temps of 52.4 and air is 52.  Junction City is 2.8ft at 535cfs.  Helena is 8.7ft at 444cfs with water temps of 53.9. Cedar Flat is 2.7ft at 509cfs. Willow Creek is estimated at 535cfs, air is 60, and water 60.  Hoopa is 11.6ft at 603cfs, water temps 62.2. Flows at the mouth of the Trinity at the Klamath are 2,613cfs and water temps are 62.2. At Weitchpec Bridge water temps are 62.8 and water temps at Tully Creek (below Trinity) on the Klamath are 63 degrees.  

Klamath: Iron Gate Dam releases are 1,680cfs. Seiad Valley is 3ft at 1,880cfs. Happy Camp estimated at 1,909cfs. Somes Bar is estimated at 1,884cfs. Orleans is 3.3ft. at 2,010cfs. Klamath at Terwer Creek is 8.4ft at 2,7970fs and water temps of 63.4 degrees. Smith River is 4.8ft at 252cfs.

Temperatures in the Valley last week were 83/47 degrees with 0.0 inches of rain with a seasonal total 0.05inches of rain and 0.0in of snow. Temperatures in the Valley next week are expected to be 60/45 degrees. Mon, cloudy with sun; Tue, pm rain; Wed, scattered showers; Thu, partly cloudy, Fri, pm showers; Sat am showers; Sun, partly cloudy; Mon, showers; Tue, mostly sun.

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