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Wednesday, 23 February 2011 00:00



February 23, 2011


Member’s Present: Molly O’Gorman, Tangie Markle, Ed Dugan, Trina Cardoza, Mike Backman, Laura Castagnetto


The meeting was called to order by Tangie Markle at 8:35am. The January 26, 2011 meeting minutes were reviewed and accepted as written.

Finance Report:

Full Finance report will be presented at April meeting. Brief finance report indicates we are doing well and we have $3000 more this year over last year.

Old Business:

  1. Website Update: None
  2. Membership Update: Molly & Kay sent out letter thanking current members for their membership along with a certificate of membership. Membership is up this year.
  3. Fundraisers:

A: T-Shirts/Promo Items: Ace Hardware has t-shirts & hoodies available for sale. You can also purchase them from Humboldt Land Company office. We have t-shirts for adults & kids, as well as hoodies for adults.

B: Bocce Ball Tournament: No report – rumor has it that the venue may have to change. However, we also heard that we can have it at the Wynette’s again if we help with set-up.

C: Beer Fest: No report

D: Taste of Willow Creek: We will be sponsoring the event & providing the insurance coverage. This year TofWC is scheduled for Sept. 24th.

  1. Chamber Mixers:
  2. April – Humboldt Land Company
  3. July – Willow Creek Golf & Country Club
  4. October – Farmer Browns
    1. Newsletter: late going out (due to Tangie’s vacation). Tangie will print & send out today.
    2. Bigfoot Days: We need a new banner for Hwy 299. Tangie moved & Trina 2nd we share the cost of the banner with the museum & pay ½ the cost. Motion carried. Ed will order the banner & bill the chamber for their ½.
    3. Tree Day : We discussed having an actual tree day to prune & clean up around the downtown trees. We’ll discuss further at next meeting.

New Business:

  1. New phone for office. It was discussed that we need a new phone; Mike will check to see what he has at Ace that would allow 2 phones with enough Mhz to allow Humboldt Land Co to answer the phones in their office during the off season. Also, we need to check messages.
  2. @ noon. The Chamber will co-sponsor via underwriting the insurance.       Trina will call the insurance company to make certain they will allow us to do that & see if they require us to increase coverage.
  3. Fire Safe has asked us to donate $100 to their cause.       Discussion tabled to next meeting.
  4. Trinity Recreation Guide has advertising opportunities available; discussion tabled to next meeting.
  5. Humboldt Visitor Bureau & the Film Bureau have advertising opportunities. Molly will look in to them and will discuss at next meeting.
  6. The O’Gormans hired someone to fix the broken window & the electrical in the information booth
  7. Information Booth needs refurbishing. Molly is working on getting maps. We will hold next meeting at the booth to decide what needs to be done.
  8. Discussed possibility of offering free membership to Non-profit organizations. Tabled to next meeting.
  9. Bigfoot Days Float: Do we want to have a float? Could sponsor the car/float that the grand marshal rides in. Tabled to next meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 9:55 am.