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Thursday, 22 December 2011 00:00



This is a Special Christmas Report due to Christmas being on Sunday which is when I send out my report. I first want to wish All my Readers a great Holiday Season and hope Santa brings you good fishing for the coming year and that you receive that special fishing rod or reel you have had your eye on all year.
Last week I reported that the Lower trinity was in great fishing condition and wouldn’t you know it the very next morning the South Fork bled pure mud! I was embarrassed to say the least. The only thing I can say is that those of you who came over to fish the Lower Trinity”, I am sorry about the false report.” I am glad to say that this morning I crused the river and let me tell you that form the South Fork down below the air port the river has about 3 foot of visibility and in great fishing condition for fly fishing or hardware. I don’t have to say that if you are using “night crawlers” you are going to get hookups. I do have to warn you that for the next week or so it is going to be freezing in the mornings. This morning it was 26 degrees on my front porch and form what I could see from the forecast for the week ahead it is going to be close to that all week. As for the weather it appears that after Christmas we could have some rain that week with the possibility of some snow around the News Year eve time.
As for the Hoopa closure I hope this can be solved after the first of the year so that we can enjoy some good Winter Steelhead fishing. You will hear it first here in my news letter and on the internet. So please keep tuned in to find out the results!
Fishing has been fair to good in the upper sections of the Trinity as more steelhead move up the river. Douglas City to Junction City is starting to see more fresh native steelies and some of the action I have heard of is be prepared for a fight. Del Loma is seeing some of these same fish but due to the clear water is a little harder to entice them into taking the offerings. I would recommend that if you fish this area night crawlers or dark pattern flies will go a long way to getting you a hookup. Down Hawkins Bar way there are some people fishing above the bridge and that could get you a citation because from the Hawkins Bar Bridge up to Cedar Flat Bridge the river is closed to fishing because of the “Falls Section” of the river. So please don’t fish there as the new DFG Warden will see you and give you a citation.
The Willow Creek areas are seeing fresher native adult steelhead with some ½-lbs and some of them chrome bright and rearing to fight. Just remember they are native fish and have to be released. There are also still some very late salmon trying to spawn so you might be able to entice a steelhead to take an egg pattern if you present it properly. For the hardware thrower I would suggest silver, be it spinners or spoons.
The Mid-Klamath in Weitchpec area night crawlers is still bringing in the fish. The good news is that there are more fresh steelies in the river. Orleans area one should be able to do fair to good for half-pounders and small adults.
Trinity River flows and Conditions:
Trinity Lake is 34ft (0.5ft decrease) below the over flow and at 79% of capacity (0.5% increase) of capacity at 11:00am today.
Trinity River: Inflow to Trinity Lake is 308cfs. Trinity Dam releases are 700cfs to Lewiston Lake with 380cfs going to Whiskeytown Lake.
Lewiston Dam releases are 292cfs, water temps 42.6, air is 31. Limekiln Gulch is 4.9ft at 306cfs. Douglas City is 5.9ft at 348fs, water temps are 40, air 29. Junction City is 1.3ft at 364cfs. Helena is 9.1ft at 418cfs, water is 40.3. Cedar Flat is 3ft at 537cfs. Willow Creek estimate is 654cfs, water at 39, air at 32. Hoopa is 11.8ft at 891cfs, water temps 38 degrees. Mouth of the Trinity is 3,331cfs.
Klamath River Releases:
Iron Gate Dam is releasing 1,040cfs. Seiad Valley is 2.5ft at 1,480750cfs. Happy Camp is 1, 556cfs. Somes Bar is 2,138cfs. Orleans is 4ft at 2,440cfs. Klamath at 101 is 9.2ft at 4,190cfs water temp at 38.8 degrees.
Temperatures in the valley last week were 49/26 degrees with 0 inches of rain, total to date 16.25 inches. The weather next week in the valley is predicted to be 48/26 degrees, Fri- am cloudy-sun pm - Sun/Mon partly cloudy w/29-33 temps. Mon-Tue-Wed- showers/ possible snow. Fri-Sat- cloudy w/showers-Sun to be overcast all day. Traveling in the north be sure to carry chains and a shovel and be aware of snow or ice.
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